#loveyourblog challenge: Gratitude and Me-Made-May

love your blog creativity challenge with A Playful Day 1

It’s taken me a couple of days to get my head around exactly what it is I wanted to say in response to this week’s Love Your Blog prompt: gratitude.

There are a lot of things I am grateful for but there are a lot of things I take for granted.  The recent fashion revolution day and the #whomademyclothes discussion and Tom of Holland’s post about the need to appreciate and love and repair garments, even ‘cheap’ garments, has really made me think about whether I really appreciate where my clothes come from. And whether I really appreciate them at all.

So much of my focus as a crafter is on making new things that very often the old things just get pushed to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about.

Gaston Bachelard writes in The Poetics of Space that the wardrobe is the centre of order in the home. Those of us who don’t know how to organise a wardrobe, can’t hope to find order in other aspects of our lives.[1]  I have to admit to being wholly unorganised. At the moment, my wardrobe is a jumbled assortment of all kinds of things; shawls and jumpers piled in together, scarves and belts writhed up like a bag of snakes.  Summer clothes, winter clothes, clothes I love, clothes I loathe…

I need to get my act together.  So I’ve decided to participate in Me-Made-May and, as much as possible, wear something made by me, or something that I have refashioned or visibly mended, every day for a month.  And in this month I’m going to sort out the wardrobe.  I swears it on the precious.

Here’s my pledge: ‘I, Jane Suzanne Carroll from http://www.archivesandoldlace.wordpress.com sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear 1 self-stitched, refashioned, or visibly-mended garment each day for the duration of May 2015’

You can sign up here if you’re interested!


[1] Ian Sansom reflected on this beautifully in his essay for BBC Radio 3 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0400lrb

One thought on “#loveyourblog challenge: Gratitude and Me-Made-May

  1. I will watch with admiration from a distance. Organization is a thing that seems to have escaped from my life and I’m not sure I’ll ever get it back.

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