University of Roehampton

The main archives at the University of Roehampton are held in the library on the Digby Stuart Campus (right where the main entrance to the university is on Roehampton Lane).  These archives contain a range of material relating to the Froebel institute at Roehampton, children’s literature archives and the Richmal Crompton Collection.  There is also a lot of material (texts and textiles) relating to the arts and crafts period at Roehampton including dresses designed by John Ruskin and Kate Greenaway. There are smaller material archives held at Whitelands and at Southlands for which you will need to make a separate appointment.

Details of the archive opening hours and contacts are Here.  And you can search the collections online and plan your visit here

The practical stuff:

You can’t photocopy anything from the archives yourself – but you can take photographs so bring a camera.  There is a photocopying service but it costs a fair bit as they can’t use an ordinary machine for the more fragile items…just take pictures.  You’ll need a photocopying card if you want to take copies of material from the main library.

Tea: There is a small cafe on the ground-floor of the library.  The tea is not too bad. If you leave the library and walk about 100 yards you will come to The Hive, a café that is the pride and joy of the Digby Stuart Campus.  It’s won an organic food award and has delicious, locally-sourced produce and a range of lovely teas.  And cakes.  I’m converted to the wonders of courgette cake now.  Roehampton has an ‘edible campus’ and a lot of the unused spaces are now filling up with fruit and vegetables and beehives!

 TheHiveCafe - Growhampton

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