Original Patterns

Tom Crean Tea Cosy Hat

PDF: Tom Crean Tea Cosy Hat

Balbriggan Harbour Socks

PDF:Balbriggan Harbour Socks

The Owl Service Hat

PDF:The Owl Service Hat

The Ragnar Blanket

PDF: Ragnar Blanket (updated)

37 thoughts on “Original Patterns

  1. Oh, dear, I think I am going to HAVE to create one of these myself. My husband’s mother traces her family back to Harold the Fair-Haired — first Viking king to unite pretty much all of what is now Norway. Now I just need someone to translate “This was made for Richard, descendant of Harold” in runes.

  2. Love this blanket!!! 🙂 Unfurtunally the vikings didn´t knit thou… But who cares when you could get a blanket like this!! Can I get the pattern on my mail…?

  3. @Sally, you might be able to use Google translate to get your phrase in Norwegian. I know I’m thinking of something to say now too!! This is lovely and I admire the history woven into it 🙂

  4. Beautiful blanket!
    The Elsebeth Lavold book ” Viking Patterns for Knitting” has charted rune cables. She has the complete futhark (sic the book) and suggestions for spacing them on your knitting.
    The book is getting hard to find so the resale price is going up. If you see it at your local yarn store you should snap it up.

  5. Can you publish this as a PDF so that I can save it to my hard drive? I don’t always have internet access and would like to access the file when that’s the case. The blanket is beautiful. I’m not big on knitting large blankets but I might make an exception for this when I run out of urgent projects. Thank you so much for your work and creativity. 🙂

  6. Oh, this is gorgeous!!! And I JUST received my yarn yesterday to start making it for my brother in law’s wedding this summer. I chose linen wool from Ice Yarns in a heathered grey – it’s beautiful. I do have one question though – on chart 1, it’s for a block of 11 stitches, but the chart is made up of 13. Do I just do the extra 2 stitches in the beginning of the 70 slip stitch part?

    • Hi Fran – the extra two stitches in the chart are the ‘edge’ stitches that run the whole way along the edge of the blanket to stop the cable from curling under…just knit these in every row!

  7. Hi there, love your pattern and just downloaded it from the Craftsy site. I am wondering what the term ‘pm’ means in the instructions. Maybe I’m being thing but I am not familiar with that term. Thanks!

  8. Just an FYI for those using the pattern download from the Craftsy Site.
    It states a CO of 192 stitches and the side cables as an 11 stitch block.

    The correct Cast on is stated above in the blog. 196 Stitches and 13 stitch blocks for the side cables.

  9. Not a problem, I got caught as I am lousy at reading charts as most of the time they are too small to see easily. On a side note I ordered Alafoss Lopi for this project and was pleasantly surprised at the cost; $4.60 Australian per ball and only $25 delivery, so far it is knitting up a dream.

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  11. Is the PSSO a double decrease or a single decrease? (Do we sl1 then k1, or sl1 then k2tog?) I’m not yet skilled enough to deduce it on my own before beginning this (awesome) pattern. 🙂

  12. The blanket is wonderful but the story makes it almost mandatory!! My family, also, is clearly of norse heritage but comes from scotland – we have the characteristics!!!
    My husband’s family is from Ireland but clearly managed to avoid the Vikings.

    It will be a real challenge (I’m not all that skilled) but I’m going to give it a go. Thank you for this.

  13. Ok hopefully I am just being numb. I just started watching Vikings and wanted the blanket as well. I found this and am completely excited, THOUGH I am finding some issues reading this pattern. Most of the patterns have followed were either two steps, or wrote out the pattern. I have not yet seen a pattern like this. So to start off I am not sure what you mean when you say Charts One and Three are worked over 8 rows and so will be repeated twice for every one repeat of the central cable pattern. Second, am I to assume that when I get down to actually working the pattern I am to —–

    (rs) Work Chart one for the first 13 stitches
    (rs) Work Slip-Stich Block one over 70 stitches (math does not work)
    (rs) Central Cable over 30 stitches
    (rs) Work Slip-Stich Block two over 70 stitches (math does not work)
    (rs) Work Chart Three over last 13 Stitches

    (ws) Work Chart one for the first 13 stitches
    (ws) purl
    (ws) Central Cable over 30 stitches
    (ws) purl
    (ws) Work Chart Three over last 13 Stitches

    I hope I am not being dense about this but I just have not made anything like this before so I am not used to reading patterns. I would love clarification on this because I would love to get started on this soon!

    • Ok I see where the 70 works out with Work Slip-Stich because you have to slip one first than knit so it equals to 5. Sorry for that. All other information I do need help with! Thank you!

    • Hi Jared, this isn’t really a pattern…as I say, it’s more of a recipe (and it’s the first recipe I’ve ever written so it probably looks a little strange). Because I did not design the central cable that I used, I did not feel right in making out a whole chart as if it were all my own. So, work chart one (for the extreme right hand side of your blanket), work a slip-stitch block, work a central cable pattern of your choice [I used an extra purl stitch each side of the cable to make it stand out better], work a slip stitch block and then work chart 3 (for the extreme left hand edge of the blanket). The total number of stitches cast on will depend on the width of the central cable you choose to knit. In my version, charts one and three are 8 rows long whereas the central cable was 16 rows long, so for every one repeat of the central cable, there were two repeats of the smaller cables. I don’t for a minute think you are being dense, rather I think it’s because I am not a very experienced pattern-writer. I hope this helps make things a little clearer. Happy knitting!

  14. Quick question for you. Where do you put the runes on the blanket? It didn’t say in the pattern as far as I could tell. Thanks.

    • Hi Madaline! I put them in a row across the very top of the blanket. Once I’d done all the cabling I wanted, I started the rune charts.

  15. Hi Jane I just want to make sure I’m clear on this pattern! I ripped it out three times now. So cast on 196 and work one row as follows to establish the blocks for cable,then knit the knits, pearl the pearls, work chart 1. Do I start off with 2 knit stitches,3 pearls,cable then 2 knits from lt to rt of pattern,then sl1,k1,yo,psso repeat,work central pattern of my choice ( starting with knit stitches here as well)then the work slip block 2,then chart three again starting with 2 knits,cable 3 pearls,2 knits again from lt to rt? Then when ready to repeat I start with pearl row? Thank you for any help that you can provide!

    • Hi Kelly, sorry about the slow reply, I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. If you’re working your second row (a wrong side row) you will have 13 knit, 70 purl, purls for your central cable, then 70 purl and 13 knit. When you turn your work to work the third row (right side row and the first row of charts) you work the stitches as charted and the edge will begin with 2 purls, cable 3, knit 3, purl 2. Does that make sense? Email me if you need any support – I’m happy to help!

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